Over Us, Over You (Twisted Love) - Whitney G.

Over Us, Over You (Twisted Love)

By Whitney G.

  • Release Date: 2017-02-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 147 Ratings)

Book Information

Subject: Delete this message after you read it...

Dear Hayley,

I'm assuming you're still hungover, so I'll make this brief.

Last night, you slipped under my sheets (without my permission), and we almost had sex. I got the hell out of the bed once I realized it was you, and I took you home.

That's the story.

The end.


Just in case you've forgotten, you're my best friend's little sister. We will never be anything more. (We can't be anything more.) Our previous friendship is still unresolved--or "over" in your terms, so I'd prefer if we worked on becoming 'just friends' again since you're in town.

Nonetheless, I'm not a man who leaves questions unanswered--even the drunken ones, so to properly close our inappropriate conversation:

1) Yes, I liked the way your lips felt against mine when you were on top of me.
2) Yes, I do "prefer" rough sex, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't rough with you.
3) No, I had no idea you were still a virgin...

This message never happened,

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Recent Reviews

  • So childish

    By Reader3417
    I had a hard time finishing this book. It was so unrealistic and childish, I can’t imagine anyone could take the characters seriously.
  • Haven’t read yet... but sample is table of contents

    By Mego134
    Only that. Really? Seriously? Wow. Why pay $4 when you can’t even sample?
  • A fan

    By -britt
    I honestly came across the book when it showed up as an add on my Facebook. So I decided I needed something new to read, so why not? Ya know. I started reading it and honestly I got through so much of the book in one night I had to put my phone down so I wouldn’t finish it the same night I got it. Totally a fan of it!
  • Not over the book

    By AZMom50
    Once again, Whitney G. delivers! I loved being able to continue with Claire and Johnathan’s story as well as see further into the trials and tribulations of the Statham family. I love the way she develops the characters and the situations. They make me laugh, cry and ponder. I highly recommend this read.
  • Friends to Lovers

    By Ashers4747
    Are you a Jonathan and Claire fan? I know I am. Now I'm a Corey and Hayley fan too! This book was worth the wait. Whitney has been very generous to her fan base when it has come to Claire and Jonathan. She not only wrote a sequel to her original standalone she also continued the series on her blog. All because her fans (yes that includes me) wanted more. Knowing Cory and Hayley were finally going to get their story told I reread my beloved Jonathan and Claire once again before Over Us, Over You was released. So when I dove into this book I could still feel the characters. Knowing these characters already from her previous work I felt she gave them their HEA they deserved. I loved it. I smiled and laughed reading what was going on in the back ground of Mid Life Loves story. It had the attitude I've grown to love in this authors writing. And I always love the back and forth dialogue she has. I want the story of these characters to continue (like forever), so if she has more to give us I would gladly wait years for their return. If she decides this is it for them, I'm very happy with the ending. (again I'd take more. ;) )
  • Correction!

    By allynh2
    For those of you who were confused, the new book is up!! Just update It and you’ll be able to read over us, over you
  • Updated Review

    By _emagin
    Once I finally got a copy of the actual book I really enjoyed it. I liked how it was a love story that has been in the making for years. I enjoyed seeing Hayley’s side of her relation with her brother Jonathan, I’m a sucker for close siblings. It’s a story that’s worth reading and getting to see Corey and Hayley grow. Not to mention you still get your Jonathan, Mr. Statham fix :) **if you still can’t get the correct version on iTunes, head to Whitney G’s blog and she explains what happened and also gives you a copy of the book! Original review - I purchased this book last night ready to read it and the book that is on my phone is not the book that I purchased. It’s another book my Whitney G. How do I get this book on my phone??
  • Love this author!!

    By LoveRomanceNovels
    Whitney is amazing. Love her!
  • Great book

    By Buckets163
    After I got the right copy, I couldn’t put it down great book!!
  • LOVE IT! Best friend sister sign me up!

    By MelErickson
    Hayley and Corey remember them? If not it’s okay you don’t need to keep going ... Jonathan’s little sister is grown up and she is HOT and Corey remembers her and he is really trying to forget because hello LITTLE SISTER! Now things have changed and they are pushed together . I missed this. The fun the wonder of what could happen? What will happen! Sexual tension. My type of book!