Black Dove, White Raven - Elizabeth Wein

Black Dove, White Raven

By Elizabeth Wein

  • Release Date: 2015-03-31
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature

Book Information

Emilia and Teo's lives changed in a fiery, terrifying instant when a bird strike brought down the plane their stunt pilot mothers were flying. Teo's mother died immediately, but Em's survived, determined to raise Teo according to his late mother's wishes—in a place where he won't be discriminated against because of the color of his skin. But in 1930s America, a white woman raising a black adoptive son alongside a white daughter is too often seen as a threat. Seeking a home where her children won't be held back by ethnicity or gender, Rhoda brings Em and Teo to Ethiopia, and all three fall in love with the beautiful, peaceful country. But that peace is shattered by the threat of war with Italy, and teenage Em and Teo are drawn into the conflict. Will their devotion to their country, its culture and people, and each other be their downfall…or their salvation? In the tradition of her award-winning and bestselling Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein brings us another thrilling and deeply affecting novel that explores the bonds of friendship, the resilience of young pilots, and the strength of the human spirit.

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Recent Reviews

  • Ms. Wein weaves fiction directly into reality’s timeline

    By JessicaCoffee
    “Doing the thing you are scared of is much harder than not being afraid of anything. It is easy to be brave. It is not so easy to be scared and do a brave thing anyway.” ~Emilia As usual, after reading a book by Ms. Wein, my heart will never quite be the same. Here’s the thing about Ms. Wein's writing: she weaves fiction directly into reality’s timeline. Not only do you learn to love the characters as if they are a part of your own family, cheering for them when they accomplish something and crying right along with them when their hearts are broken, you learn historical facts you never imagined to be true.
 Black Dove, White Raven begins by setting the stage for two generations of Americans (ish) in the late 1920s. Two lovely close friends—also pilots—Delia and Rhoda, have a dream. No, nix that: they have dreams. But it *is* the 1920s. There are restrictions against women, restrictions against women of color, restrictions we wouldn’t even think twice about now, ever (even though its been less than 100 years since this story takes place). Regardless of how many times Delia and Rhoda are told “no”, however, they go about things their way, figuring how that no can be turned into a “yes”. Then, something devastating changes the plan, and both Delia and Rhoda’s children have to figure out how to make the best out quite the complicated situation. Enter a whole lot of character building, traveling, personal growth, courage, Ethiopia, and another way the title of Black Dove, White Raven comes into play. (I'm just going to say here that the US cover doesn't quite hit the mark, in my opinion, and I suggest you take a gander at the cover from the UK.) Both Teo and Emilia were such dear people who faced so many things but always learned something from them anyway. They were opposite as opposites could get, but the best brother and sister, and equally amazing in their own ways. I don’t want to say more because so much woven into the storyline and characters that you really do need to read it for yourself (and the blurb does a darn good job of summarizing things). But I will say this: if you’re wanting a quick read with everything coming together a few pages in and can’t stand things being layered upon one another to ensure a great finish, don’t pick up Black Dove, White Raven. Ms. Wein weaves an intricate set-up that can only be done the way that she does so you will care about and be effected by what actually happens in the end. Like Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire, Black Dove, White Raven is a story of love, of loss, of learning how to pick up broken pieces, and understanding that, at the end of the day, nothing matters more in life than knowing you have each other, and I recommend it to all readers (whether or not they normally read historical YA).